The National Cannabis Security Association has developed a training cirriculum to train security officers for the specific and unique challenges associated with working in the cannabis industry.

32 Hour Certification Course
This certification trains cannabis security officers on the state policies and operating mandates in their state.  They will receive training on the unique challenges faced in cannabis security and how to effectively protect and maintain a safe environment in a cultivation and distribution facility.  The course will encompass a basic defensive tactics and certification and an OC spray certification.  The second part of the course will encompass firearms training certification using simunitions.  This will encompass shoot house training with role players.  The shoot house is set up as both a grow and dispensary and tactics are taught in Close Quarter Battle in a controlled video recorded environment.  This course will focus on situational awareness, defending a dispensary or grow, CQB and will follow the federal use of force guidelines.  The following part of the certification will focus on armed transportation operations. This will be a live fire simunition course focusing on vehicular operations.  State guidelines for transportation and security operations will be taught.  Transportation Situational awareness, safety and operations will all be instructed.

These certification courses will be offered in every state that MMJ is legal.  Please contact us if your companny would like to sponsor these certification courses.  There is a student minimum for classes to be conducted.