Our Mission

The National Cannabis Security Association is dedicated to provide the best training at the highest standard for those in the cannabis security industry. We vett potential association members to ensure that the industry is recieving quality, capable, trained personnnel and organizations.  The National Cannabis Security Association works with regulatory agencies to establish proven and effective security guidelines for the cannabis security market.
About Us.
The NCSA was formed by industry security experts with military and law enforcement backgrounds. . Our founder has been involved in the cannabis security industry since the inception of legalized cannabis. We have made our marks in Colorado, Washington, California and are world renowned experts in the cannabis security industry. We strive to train security individuals and security firms to the highest standards to operate in this industry. The NCSA is involved in shaping state regulations as it pertains to the security end of the industry. We advise grow facilities, dispensaries and security firms how to add professional security services to their operation. This includes surveillance, alarms, transportation, guard services and developing security plans from the initial application stage through the duration of your venture.
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Setting the Standards for Industry Professionals